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"I am not selling my house, but was instead using a home inspection as a diagnostic to see what the most pressing issues with the house (100 yrs old, 3 story + basement) were. Pete gave me great and extremely detailed information about what exactly needed fixing, what was DIY and what wasn't, and tips for how to accomplish the repairs. I'm positive I will save money in the long run having hired Pete."

Angie's List Customer

Current homeowners may, from time to time, require the expertise of an independent, professional home inspection to help prioritize maintenance projects, budget for repairs and plan improvements.

We can also evaluate a specific building problem that a homeowner may be having, such as a roof leak or a strange odor, to help define a correction strategy.

We can provide consultation on repair options, selection of contractors and advice on contract language to get the job done right. Read more about our process and services.

If necessary, we can reinspect to insure that the job is complete and was done in a professional manner.