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Testimonials: What Others Say


Home Buyers

"I was pleased by the completeness and clarity of your explanations. I learned a great deal about our new home...I hadn't expected this amount of detail and historical perspective and I was delighted!"

Patrick, Oak Park

"This will be our fifth home. Your inspection was by far the most thorough. Thank you for your time and expert inspection."

David & Katherine, Naperville

" took the time to explain and show how the mechanical items work. You were very patient with us. You're the best!"

Ron & Debbie, Westchester

"We can't thank you enough for the service you provided to us at our home inspection. Your attention to detail and thorough explanations were a great comfort to us as first time home owners."

Liz & Becky, Elmwood Park

"I was very pleased with the experience. It is nice to be treated with patience and clarity as I asked questions. I especially appreciated not being treated in a condescending way! Thanks.

Kathy, Oak Park

"We have worked with several home inspectors in the past twelve years and you are head and shoulders above the rest. It gave us great confidence to work with someone like you, whose skill and knowledge is so extensive."

M. & N., River Forest

"This was the third time we used Pete. He checks every last inch of the home and has you feeling completely comfortable that you know what you are buying. Pete is terrific, takes his job seriously, and knows his stuff."

Angie's List Customer

"I cannot say enough about Prairie Home Inspection. My husband and I used Pete to inspect our first home before we bought. Pete did an excellent job, he took the time to explain everything he was doing and answered any questions in great detail. His final report was easy to understand and very detailed. We felt like we really knew what we were getting when we bought our house. We actually had him back after we moved in and had done some of the work that our house needed. "

Angie's List Customer

"Excellent. Pete came highly recommended by friends who had used his services about 8 months ago, so we didn't even shop around."

Angie's List Customer

"Pete was very sweet throughout the process, and explained everything very clearly. He seems to just really enjoy inspecting houses and piecing together their physical history. He gave us a 29-page report, which our lawyer said was the most impressive report she had seen—she sounded blown away, really. He detailed each area of the house, inside and outside, and highlighted the parts that he felt required immediate attention to distinguish them from the minor imperfections you'd expect to find in any house. If you're looking to negotiate a fair price with complete information, this is the kind of report you want. If you want to know exactly what you might be buying, this is the kind of report you want. "

Angie's List Customer

"Pete inspected every single part of the house and garage. He stood across the street with us to talk about the roof and then got up on a ladder and took pictures of it for a while."

Angie's List Customer

"He was very knowledgeable about the construction of the house and explained everything in detail. He answered all of our questions and helped us identify the most troublesome aspects of the house. He is really a wealth of information and has many years of experience. He sent us a very detailed inspection report with pictures and diagrams within two days by e-mail. We were able to use this to get a credit from the seller. Overall, it was a very educational experience and I feel like I know the house inside and out."

Angie's List Customer

"Pete was fantastic! Answered all of our questions with the right amount of detail. Checked the house top to bottom. Being first time home buyers, we were a little intimidated initially by the process but he quickly made us feel comfortable and taught us a lot. Can't recommend him enough!"

Angie's List Customer

"We contracted Pete to inspect a newly constructed home in Kane County. In addition to Pete being thorough in his inspection, for us, one of the most valuable aspects of the inspection was that he took the time to educate us regarding items we should be aware of as homeowners. "

Angie's List Customer

"Mr. Neuman did a great job, not only at inspecting our home, but at explaining what repairs are required (included diagrams) and helped us prioritize them as well. He provided a detailed report which exceeds 25 pages with findings of every area of our house. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that we didn't need some work that ''professionals'' had told us was required. We were able to save almost $5,000. "

Angie's List Customer

Home Owners

"Thanks for the energy audit. It was very helpful especially in terms of prioritizing projects to increase energy efficiency. I think it was a good value, and especially helpful were the personal conversations and the time you spent answering my questions. I would guess that this is what distinguishes your company from others providing similar services."

Matthew, Oak Park

"Pete offered to be available to us even long after we purchased the house. I have actually called him on a few occasions to run things by him and he is wonderful. He always calls me back promptly and talks me though whatever is on my mind. I highly recommend Prairie Home Inspection."

Angie's List Customer

"I am not selling my house, but was instead using a home inspection as a diagnostic to see what the most pressing issues with the house (100 yrs old, 3 story + basement) were. Pete gave me great and extremely detailed information about what exactly needed fixing, what was DIY and what wasn't, and tips for how to accomplish the repairs. I'm positive I will save money in the long run having hired Pete."

Angie's List Customer

"I called to ask Pete if he would come and inspect two suspect areas of my home where water might be a culprit or something else might have been causing erosion of the cement. He offered free advice on the phone and came out the same afternoon at my request. He is knowledgeable, professional, friendly and warm and I was impressed with his thinking and approach."

Angie's List Customer

"After problems with the company replacing gutters on my parents' home, I felt uneasy about the quality of the work performed. I wanted to make sure they had done an adequate job, and hired an inspector to examine the work."

"Wonderful. Mr. Neuman was very helpful when discussing the problem on the phone. He was punctual, thorough . There was indeed a problem with the work performed, and the fact that we had a building inspector look at it was enough to get the company to take notice of the problem. Though a small job for him, he recognized its importance to us, and treated it accordingly. A great guy."

Angie's List Customer

Homeowner Association

"Our Oak Park, 6 unit Condominium, is showing its age. Pete assessed our building thoroughly and presented a formal report (Reserve Study) to the association with immediate, short and long range projects and outlined a financial plan to support the completion of these projects. He treated our condo as if it were his own, patiently answered all of our questions and helped our association to look honestly at our common issues and make decisions that will keep our building well maintained for years to come. They have also monitored work completed by other craftsmen to assure completeness and quality. We highly recommend Prairie Home Inspection Services for any condominium owners who value their investment. "

Louise C. Oak Park Condo Board Member

"The end result of his consultation was a comprehensive written evaluation of the issues, and prioritized correction strategies to address the most likely causes of the water infiltration. Our condo association continued to refer to Pete's inspection report during all the repairs, and used it as a baseline when evaluating potential contractors."

Angie's List Customer

"Pete Neuman came out to our association building to help evaluate the condition of common elements, the remaining life and replacement costs. We are a very small association, so I do this to insure we budget adequate Reserves for these things."

Angie's List Customer

"Pete arrived on time on the date scheduled. He carefully evaluated the building and patiently provided the information I sought. He just as patiently answered all of my questions. In this case, our association now feels that we are keeping adequate Reserves. Pete provided very helpful information, not just on what would need doing, but how it ought to be done and where the typical pitfalls are. He saw the appointment through to conclusion, even as it rained off and on. I have dealt with several home inspectors over the years, all of whom did a good job. But I plan to do business with Prairie Home Inspection in future."

Angie's List Customer