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"I was pleased by the completeness and clarity of your explanations. I learned a great deal about our new home...I hadn't expected this amount of detail and historical perspective and I was delighted!"

Patrick, Oak Park

What to expect from your Prairie Home Inspection Services:

Our clients are encouraged to take part in their home inspection as an introduction to the workings of their new home. Inspections generally take about 2-3 hours for a single family home and 1-1 1/2 hours for a condo for an on-site evaluation and documentation of your new home. Our report preparation requires additional office time following the on site inspection.

The emphasis of your home inspection will be on safety and function as well as the identification of conditions that could require a repair or significant expense either now or in the near future.

Non-invasive inspection techniques will be used including visual assessment and instrument testing to evaluate the condition of all important components.

Critical controls will be identified, labeled and their operation explained.

A verbal report during the homen inspection will explain the function, operation and condition of each component and system inspected. A written report will also be provided that includes information on the construction, relative age, present condition, and expected useful life of all critical components and systems. Your inspection report may also include photographs, drawings and maintenance tips that pertain to specific conditions in your new home.

We also encourage our clients to contact us with any building related questions following the inspection for as long as they own their new home. Find out more about what Prairie Home Inspection Services offers current homeowners.