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"The end result of his consultation was a comprehensive evaluation of the issues... Our condo association continued to refer to Pete's inspection report during all the repairs, and used it as a baseline when evaluating potential contractors."

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Service Partnership

Prairie Home Inspection Services is committed to being "Your partner in maintaining your property value". Our partnership is built with you through education, professional evaluations, and clear and concise communication. As owners change and building projects are started and completed, our goal is to remain your steady partner and expert resource for the care of your building. In addition, we stand ready to provide references that will help you address your legal, financial and engineering needs. Realtors, lenders, and prospective buyers all know that a well maintained building is always in demand and always maintains a high value. We have developed our Reserve Study Get on Track - Stay on Track services as a cost effective approach to defining the needs [Get on Track] and the funding of those needs [Stay on Track] for homeowner associations. Our services are designed for clients who realize that proactive building maintenance and adequate funding are the keys to maintaining property values. Even the smallest condominium buildings can afford and benefit from our services. We want to be your partner in maintaining your property value.

  1. Troubleshooting: This “Get on Track” service offers a prompt, on-site consultation of a specific building condition requiring evaluation.
  2. Building Maintenance Inspection: The “Get on Track” service is an on-site evaluation of all of the common elements and helps the homeowner association understand the current maintenance needs of your building.
  3. Starter Reserve Study: As a “Stay on Track” service, the Starter Reserve Study is designed to begin the process of funding the inevitable replacement of the most critical common elements.
  4. Comprehensive Reserve Study: The “Stay on Track” Comprehensive Reserve Study develops a long term funding strategy to maintain all of the buildings common elements.