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"Pete provided very helpful information, not just on what would need doing, but how it ought to be done and where the typical pitfalls are... I have dealt with several home inspectors over the years, all of whom did a good job. But I plan to do business with Prairie Home Inspection in future."

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Get on Track: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting: Your first step may be crisis management. If you are facing a specific building problem and are unsure how serious the condition may be, we offer our troubleshooting service. We will evaluate the problem, discuss its severity, and offer a next step solution. Our troubleshooting service can also be used to discuss conflicting strategies from different contractors, evaluate the work of a contractor prior to payment, or to just get an independent, expert opinion. Our troubleshooting service is a low cost option to begin to Get on Track.

Get on Track: Building Maintenance Inspection

Building Maintenance Inspection: To Get on Track is to know what common elements (roof, hallways, etc.) in your building need attention. We will conduct an inspection of all of the common elements. A clear, detailed, written report on present conditions, safety and function will be provided. Any immediate repair needs will be highlighted and listed by order of importance on a summary page. Homeowners are encouraged to participate in the Inspection Tour to learn about the building in general and to understand in detail any problems that are found.

Stay on Track: Starter Reserve Study

Starter Reserve Study: This study evaluates the most critical common elements so your association can begin to Stay on Track. Critical common elements include those systems that keep us warm, dry, maintain accessibility, and where immediate attention to a condition may prevent costly repairs in the future. The Starter Reserve Study is intended for the homeowner association with little or no reserve funds and with a limited budget. We have designed this study to focus on the most critical common elements in your building without the expense of a traditional reserve study. Our clients receive a written report on the condition, age, and useful life of the critical common elements as well as our financial recommendations. The financial recommendations will suggest a funding plan to help reduce the need for special assessments and to begin building a reserve fund tailored to the projected needs of the building. A regularly funded reserve will provide financial protection for the homeowner association and help you Stay on Track. The Starter Reserve Study is not a substitute for a Comprehensive Reserve Study. We recommend extending the starter reserve study to include all of the common elements within three to four years.

Stay on Track: Comprehensive Reserve Study

Comprehensive Reserve Study: The goal of the Comprehensive Reserve Study is to thoroughly develop a long term funding strategy to maintain all of the common elements of the building to help the homeowner association Stay on Track. This comprehensive reserve study follows the established guidelines of the Community Associations Institute (CAI). The CAI recommends that a reserve study be updated every three to five years (some funding strategies suggest annual updates). With Prairie Home Inspection Services as a partner with your association, updates are a simple, logical, and accurate Process. The Comprehensive Reserve Study is the most cost effective tool to help the homeowner association Stay on Track and maintain the value of their building. The benefits are many and include:

  1. Results in a more consistent level of assessments.
  2. Makes the prospect of a special assessment less likely.
  3. Provides more equitable sharing of replacement costs.
  4. Helps to prevent the deterioration of the property thereby maintaining property values.
  5. Allows board members to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility.
  6. Lowers maintenance costs by anticipating repairs, rather than reacting to crisis conditions.