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"Pete provided very helpful information, not just on what would need doing, but how it ought to be done and where the typical pitfalls are... I have dealt with several home inspectors over the years, all of whom did a good job. But I plan to do business with Prairie Home Inspection in future."

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Troubleshooting: If you are facing a specific building problem and are unsure how serious the condition may be, we offer our troubleshooting service. We will evaluate the problem, discuss its severity, and offer a next step solution. Our troubleshooting service can also be used to discuss conflicting strategies from different contractors, evaluate the work of a contractor prior to payment, or to just get an independent, expert opinion.

Building Maintenance Inspection

Building Maintenance Inspection: We will conduct an inspection of all common elements. A clear, detailed, written report on present conditions, safety and function will be provided. Any immediate repair needs will be highlighted and listed by order of importance on a summary page. Homeowners are encouraged to participate in the Inspection Tour to learn about the building in general, and also to understand- in detail, any problems that are found.